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One Ring Studios

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The One Ring Studios is a passionate Visual Effects Studio with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work for feature films and TV shows.

Specializing in set extensions, invisible effects (paint-outs, complex split screens, make-up fixes, continuity corrections), and CG simulation (fire, smoke, fluids, and particle systems), we bring intricate scenes to life.

Our expertise also includes gunplay, digital wounds, and car compositions. We take pride in our storytelling abilities and our dedication to excellence in visual effects.

Meet the fellowship


CEO Producer


VFX Supervisor


VFX Artist


VFX Artist / Mate Painting


VFX Artist


Graphic Designer


Information Technology


CGI / Senior VFX




Senior VFX Artist


Editor / Colorist



Our Process


Wake up the Spielberg inside of you! Our creative team will align our creative resources to your original vision. Our Digital Art Department specializes in creating the worlds you have in mind. The One Ring Studio is ready to work with projects at any stage of development. From cinema and TV series, to public or independent work, digital games to comic books, we enjoy working alongside our clients serving their vision.


With the help of our creative team and producers, you can watch what you’ve been imagining come alive. Through concept art, sets, props and wardrobe, we give your project concrete form.


Come enjoy the VIP seat and see how your production comes alive when given to a film crew put together by our experienced producers. Our VFX supervisors get the perfect shots so your project will have all the raw footage, all the individual elements, needed to complete its final creation.

Postproduction and
Visual Effects

This is where the magic happens. One Ring uses all their VFX expertise to flesh out what your imagination created.. The excellence and mastery of our talented international team of artists assures that your vision is complete.​


Make the production process easier with added higher value through our global network of talent and world-class portfolio of productions. Be guided through the best practices and find unique and exciting ways to solve creative and production challenges.

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